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10 years ago, we started Bearkery® and focused mostly on custom decorated cakes. As time progressed, we focused more on cookies, pastries, and event catering. We used real ingredients to make high quality, from scratch baked goods that would make our customers happy.

We are incredibly grateful to the customers and supporters of our bakery and cannot properly express our gratitude and deepest appreciation for allowing us to run a small, family bakery for the last 10 years.

Due to current events, we unfortunately must announce the temporary closing of our bakery. Should circumstances drastically change, we may try again, however at this time we have no expectations.

We will still be available in a limited capacity through Florida cottage laws.

We are proud of what we’ve done and our contributions to the local economy. In 10 years, we’ve spent more than 750,000 dollars locally and encourage you to please choose a local brick and mortar business whenever you can. The money you spend in your community on licensed businesses stays in the community.

We leave you with our thanks, our love, and our same message printed on our labels... always be kind.

With love,
Yeni & Fred

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